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Dog Lovers Can Fetch Their New Best Friend at

Premium Service Connects Prospective Puppy Parents to Responsible Breeders Nationwide

LOS ANGELES (Oct. 18, 2016) – Today marks the official launch of, a trusted service committed to helping responsible breeders place healthy puppies into happy homes across the country. Through a hands-on, personalized approach at every stage of the process, PuppySpot delivers a seamless, high quality and enjoyable experience to all of its community members, whether they walk on two legs or four. The service caters to each customer's unique set of needs, while offering the following benefits among many others:

  • Vetted network of responsible breeders: Less than 15 percent of breeders reviewed by PuppySpot are ultimately invited to join the exclusive community. PuppySpot is proud to hold itself and each and every one of its breeders to industry-leading health and safety standards which exceed USDA requirements. Committed to the humane treatment of all dogs, PuppySpot maintains the integrity of its network through various proprietary measures aimed at eliminating the x-factors often associated with buying a puppy, whether online or offline.
  • Convenience: PuppySpot enables owners to find the right puppy for them, no matter where they (or their breeder) live by working with each breeder and new puppy owner to coordinate all domestic travel arrangements for a seamless homecoming experience, freeing customers to focus on the excitement of the moment and letting PuppySpot handle the paperwork and logistics.
  • Peace of mind: Prior to a puppy's travel, each breeder is required to take their puppies to a licensed veterinarian to undergo PuppySpot's proprietary, comprehensive nose-to-tail health exam. Next, the results of that exam are submitted to the PuppySpot health team which must officially clear the puppy for travel. After travel, within 48 hours of the puppy's arrival at its new home, the customer takes the puppy to a licensed veterinarian for another mandated nose-to-tail exam, which triggers PuppySpot's guarantee.
  • Ongoing support and education: Puppy ownership is a serious responsibility that requires the utmost care and attention. And thus, PuppySpot has developed a Resource Center to support the dog owner's journey, even after puppy arrives home. Full of relevant health, training and lifestyle tips, this resource is a reflection that PuppySpot's relationship with its customers begins (rather than ends) once a puppy is placed in a loving home. And, finally, PuppySpot Customer Advocates are available to puppy parents on the phone and via email 7 days/week to provide support whenever it is needed.

"At its core, PuppySpot is a service, but it is far more than just a service. It's a community where dogs are celebrated and where trust, confidence and transparency are paramount," said PuppySpot CEO Greg Liberman. "Our mission is to make lives better by placing healthy puppies into happy homes, because we know how much joy dogs bring to our own lives."

Dr. Stephen Ettinger, award-winning veterinarian and author, added, "PuppySpot is a reliable service in an industry where trust matters. I admire its unmatched, comprehensive screening process that ensures all breeders meet industry-leading standards."

As part of its ongoing mission to support and cultivate the entire dog-loving community, whether customers find their dogs on PuppySpot or through a reputable shelter or rescue, PuppySpot is proud to commemorate October's Adopt-A-Dog month by making a donation to the National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA)'s Shelter Project. This organization is known for its commitment to improving animal welfare by dedicating its efforts to researching shelter population trends, reducing euthanasia of adoptable pets, improving pet health and environmental conditions, reducing infectious and zoonotic disease transmission, and fighting consumer fraud.

According to NAIA president, Patti Strand, "The challenges facing pet health and well-being can be overcome when we fully recognize and address the underlying causes. That's why we are so honored to receive PuppySpot's gracious support to strengthen our efforts, as we know the organization values the welfare of all pets as much as we do. PuppySpot's generous donation will be used to further the collection and publication of shelter data, which will inform and help solve the shelter problems across America."

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About PuppySpot

PuppySpot's mission is to make lives better by placing healthy puppies into happy homes. Based upon a fundamental belief that finding a puppy online does not have to come with so many x-factors, PuppySpot is a service committed to connecting responsible breeders with caring individuals and families. But, more than just a service, PuppySpot is a community of dog lovers, where dogs are celebrated and where trust, confidence and transparency are paramount. With a screened and vetted network of more than 5,000 responsible breeders, PuppySpot makes fetching your new best friend a simple, high quality, enjoyable experience. Using a personalized approach catering to the needs of both its two- and four-legged clients, PuppySpot is dedicated to providing a premium experience that is seamless, quality-driven and, above all, joyful. After a puppy arrives in its forever home, PuppySpot continues to provide information and guidance to help customers make good decisions. Originally launched as in 2005 and, more recently, operated as Purebred Breeders, the PuppySpot name not only reflects a change in leadership and vision, but better represents the company's mission and values. For more information about PuppySpot, visit or follow on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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