Best Boston Restaurants and Bars to Bring Fido

Since dogs are like our family, it’s no surprise we like to take them everywhere with us. Thankfully in Boston, the third-most puppy-loving city in the country, there are plenty of public places where Fido is very welcome. Check out our top 10 restaurants and bars to bring your pup in Boston.

1. The South End Buttery
The South End Buttery is a well-known hangout spot for dogs and their owners in the city. The café and bakery offer both sweet and savory options, and doesn’t leave out Fido’s stomach, either. You’ll find dog-shaped cookies and water bowls waiting by the door for your pup pal.

2. Jacob Wirth Restaurant
While on the smaller side, this German pub is no stranger to four-legged visitors. Dogs are welcome to sit outside while you enjoy some food and drinks.

3. JP Licks
While JP Licks serves coffee, they are better known for their flavorful ice cream. But who says ice cream is only for humans? The shop is also the creator of Cow Paws, a peanut butter and honey sorbet that your pup will love!

4. Moonshine 152
This restaurant and bar combo has a dog-friendly outdoor patio that seats 30 people. Dine on some great food at Moonshine 152, and your pup might even get his very own cookie, too!

5. Cambridge Brewing Company
Cambridge Brewing Company, also known as “CBC,” has a wide selection of beer and welcomes leashed dogs in its outdoor seating area. You’ll be sure to find some serious pub grub to go with your beer while a server brings a water bowl for Fido.

6. Stephanie’s On Newbury
When weather permits, Stephanie’s is a great choice for a meal alongside your loyal pup. The Newbury Street restaurant seats 80 and is closed on rainy days.

7. Coppa
Coppa’s outdoor patio seats 20, and is open to four-legged friends, too. Open until 10pm, the area is shaded with umbrellas and around the corner from Peters Park, where you and your pup can swing by afterwards to burn off the calories from your meal.

8. Brendan Behan Pub
A truly dog-friendly bar, “The Behan” allows pups of all kinds to enter its doors, no ID required. The traditional Irish pub entertains with live Irish music Saturday evenings and is a hot spot for locals and their canine companions. The bar allows pups indoors since they don’t serve food, but you’re free to bring your own food and take a seat inside for a rowdy time!

9. The Kinsale

The Kinsale has plenty of outdoor seating for you and your pup in a dog-friendly part of town. College students and sports fans alike frequent this Irish pub and restaurant and enjoy the food and drink it has to offer, as well as an energetic atmosphere. This is a great place to spend some time with your pup after a long walk in the area, or just to unwind among friends.

10. Tremont 647
Last on our list of dog-friendly restaurants and bars in Boston is the aptly named Tremont 647, a restaurant known for its tasty and unique menu of American cuisine. Enjoy a $2 taco on Taco Tuesday, or roll in with your PJ’s during the weekend for “Pajama Brunch.” While you sip on a Margarita on the outside patio, your pup can enjoy a drink from his own water bowl.