Father’s Day is For Dog Dads, Too!

They say that dog is a man’s best friend, but more than that, the relationship between a man and his dog is a lot like that between father and son. Dog dads do everything for their four-legged fur babies in exchange for their loyalty and unconditional love. This Father’s Day, we’d like to give thanks to all the dog dads out there for raising some pretty paw-some pups. Here are a few reasons why owning a dog is a special form of fatherhood.

1. Cuddles, Hugs and Kisses
The affection a dog dad gets from his fur baby is nothing short of generous. A dog will greet you with kisses the moment you come home, curl up at your side while you’re watching TV and cozy up with you in bed. A man’s precious pup never fails to show love for his or her pup parent, and a dog dad will show the same, even after his pup chews a hole through his shoe.

2. A Teammate Through and Through

A dog makes the perfect teammate for a dog dad by promoting an active lifestyle through fun and games. More often than not, your dog will be there to join in a game of ball or a hike in the wilderness. Through thick and thin, your dog remains a major player on your team.

3. Digging the Way to Your Heart

Owning a dog undoubtedly helps a man tap into his sensitive side. Since your pup requires a lot of nurturing and gentle care, it’s hard for a dog dad not to be a little bit of a softy. So even if your pup digs a gaping hole in the backyard, you’ll know how to respond with patience rather than aggression.

4. Pride for Your Fur Baby
A proud dog dad will constantly show off his pup’s accomplishments; after all, they’re a representation of a good owner’s efforts. Learned a new trick? “That’s my pup!” Stayed quietly in the crate? “That’s my pooch!” Played nicely with the neighbor’s dog? “That’s my boy!” You feel that anything good your pup does is a reflection on yourself as a dog dad, and you should!

Father’s Day shouldn’t only celebrate the parents of human babies. Fur babies need their daddies, too. Why not wish the dog dad in your neighborhood a happy Father’s Day today?