7 Pups Who Are Too Sleepy to Dog

A wise person once said, “Never wake a sleeping puppy.” We agree for a multitude of reasons, the most prominent being they’re just so stinking cute while in puppy dreamland. So adorable, in fact, that we rounded up seven pups who are too sleepy to dog.

This pup needs five more minutes.

This pup hasn’t quite nailed the art of “the puppy nap.”

Source: Imgur

This pup looks like he’s sleeping on a gray cloud of serenity.

This pup is drained from pretending to be a basket of fresh-baked muffins.

Source: FanPop

This pup is also pooped, but from pretending to be a basket of freshly picked flowers.

This pup is “dog tired” from her therapy session.

Source: dailymail

This pup wants cuddle-company.

Source: Tumblr