3 Reasons to Thank Dog Moms This Mother’s Day

Mothers are our everything, raising their children with endless love, care and compassion. While their children are of a different species, dog moms also deserve recognition for the time and devotion they put into raising their fur babies. This Mother’s Day, let’s look at the top three reasons for celebrating our fabulous dog moms!

Reason 1: Unconditional Love
There’s no love as unconditional as that between a mother and her child. Except for maybe, the love of a dog mom for her precious pup. A dog mom will see past her fur baby’s flaws and love her dog simply for being her faithful companion. Through all the messy accidents, chewed up socks and stubborn moments, a good dog mom will always stand by her pup. Many human relationships cannot boast the same kind of pure, long lasting love.

Reason 2: Responsibility
Whether you’re a mother to a human or a canine, you’re responsible for the welfare of a living, breathing creature who depends on you for survival. Your presence means the world, and no one knows how to take care of your baby like you do. Dog moms want the best for their pup, and will be there through sickness and in health. Many dog moms will invest in dog insurance to protect their pup’s health, training classes to improve their pup’s behavior, and doggy daycare for times when Mommy can’t be around. Owning a dog is like working a second job, and it takes a special kind of person to take on that level of responsibility.

Reason 3: Give and Take
From the moment your puppy arrives home, you will have to give, give and give. This often starts with putting in time for training. Housetraining a dog is much like potty training a child—both instances require a lot of patience and encouragement. Much of your life with your pup will consist of obedience training, teaching right from wrong and offering guidance every step of the way. A dog mom will give her all to her fast-growing pup, expecting nothing but love in return, and still, her dog will reciprocate with affection, quality time and lessons of her own. Not only are there proven human health benefits to owning a dog, but your pup can also teach a thing or two to other members of your household. The best types of relationships, after all, involve some give-and-take.

Who said Mother’s Day is only for the caretakers of humans that walk on two legs? This Mother’s Day, take a moment to recognize the super dog moms for all they do too! And if you’re a dog mom, give yourself a pat on the back—thanks to you, the life of a pawsome pup could not be better.