5 French Bulldog Facts You Should Know

What has big bat ears, a small body and a smushy, wrinkly face? That’s the French Bulldog, #14 on our list of most popular dog breeds! It’s not a surprise that the Frenchie is playful and energetic, but there are other facts about this trendy breed that might surprise you.

1. One is an award-winning actress.
In ABC’s Modern Family, Jay and Gloria own a French Bulldog named Stella. Brigitte, the dog who plays Stella, is the first French Bulldog to win a Golden Collar award. She beat out dog performers from Chelsea Lately, Hot in Cleveland, Entourage, and Suburgatory. She also beat out the only human competitor, Jason Gann, the star of Wilfred.

2. They’re not from France.

Despite their name, Frenchies are not originally from France—they come from England. Unsurprisingly, the ancestor of the French Bulldog is the English Bulldog. However, the breed’s popularity in France grew once Englishmen brought the dog there during the Industrial Revolution.

3. They like to be heard.

Frenchies aren’t big barkers, but they’ll make a range of other sounds to get your attention. They like to “talk” and might even “sing” along with you to a song. It’s a unique part of their endearing personality.

4. They’re adored by celebrities.

As the popularity of French Bulldogs rises, so does the number of celebrities who own them. Some famous owners of the Frenchie include Victoria Beckham, Lady GaGa, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

5. Their ears sparked debate.

Like their relative the English Bulldog, Frenchies originally had the same “rose-shaped” ear, but American breeders preferred the distinct bat-shape. American fanciers remained adamant in that the breed standard of the dog should have bat ears, forming the French Bulldog Club of America in order to reinforce this rule.

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