7 Top Dog Parks of NYC

New York City is home to hundreds of thousands of dogs, and with all those pups, there needs to be somewhere for them to play. Check out these 7 dog parks to take your pup in the most puppy-loving city in the nation.

1. Tompkins Square Dog Park

Located in Manhattan, Tompkins Square is the oldest and largest dog park in NYC, first opened in 1990. The beautiful, spacious park attracts dog owners from all over the city for its three swimming pools, off-leash play areas and picnic tables.

2. Madison Square Park
Also located in Manhattan, this smaller, but widely popular dog park is securely double- gated and provides water for its furry visitors. In addition, the area is shaded and provides benches for the comfort of both dog owners and their four-legged friends.

3. Hillside Dog Park
Hillside Dog Park in Brooklyn is a spacious and unique off-leash park developed from land that was cut into a hill. Some perks of the park include 24-hour access, separate areas for large and small dogs to roam freely, watering holes and a wood chip ground made of recycled Christmas trees.

4. Chelsea Waterside Park

This park will both challenge and excite your pooch with its interactive obstacles and rocks that an athletic dog will love to jump on. Close to the waterfront, the park also provides a nice view for dog owners.

5. Sirius Dog Run
No, this is not a Harry Potter reference; the name of this Manhattan dog park pays homage to the only K9 to die in the September 11 terrorist attacks, a Labrador Retriever named Sirius. The park offers great amenities such as newly paved ground, pools and shady benches.

6. Central Park
How could we list the top dog parks of NYC without mentioning Central Park? Aside from its beautiful scenery and various activities, the park offers 13 dog fountains within its 843 acres. The park requires dogs to be kept on leash, but also offers designated times during which your pup can run freely.

7. Silver Lake Dog Park
Silver Lake Dog Park, the largest dog run in Staten Island, delivers a natural oasis within the urban environment. Here, you can bring your dog off-leash for a walk by the lake, and there’s a separate area for smaller dogs, too.