Dog Friendly Hiking Spots in LA

Updated: 03/20/2019

Hiking is a quintessential Los Angeles activity that your dog is bound to partake in. If your pup is fit enough (and here are some of the best hiking breeds), then she’ll love the following trails we’ve picked out for you in the City of Angels!

  1. Runyon Canyon Park
    It wouldn’t be an LA hiking roundup if we didn’t mention Runyon Canyon. Popular among celebrities (and celebrity-seekers), this rustic canyon dog hikehuge, off-leash park provides spectacular views of the city, including the famous Hollywood sign. You and your pup will get a workout while also having an opportunity to socialize with trendy hikers and their playful pooches.
  2. Fryman Canyon LoopAnother dog-friendly hiking favorite is the Fryman Canyon Loop, a medium-difficulty trail that goes through lovely residential area and has stunning views of the San Fernando Valley. The trail, which
    fryman canyon dog hikefollows along the Betty B. Dearing Trail through Wilacre Park and Coldwater Canyon, has multiple paths to explore, as well as water fountains for both you and your furry friend. Be sure to keep your dog on leash and make use of the multiple poop bag stations in the park.
  3. Temescal CanyonThis hiking hot spot in the Santa Monica Mountains offers areas for on-leash dog walking through its beautiful scenery. More lush than other hiking options in the area, the trail provides a grand view of
    temescal caynon dog hikethe Pacific Ocean, plenty of shade and even a seasonal waterfall. Make sure to read the signs to see where exactly your pup can accompany you on this hike.
  4. Griffith Park
    Griffith Park, the second-largest park in California, offers several great hikes for you and your pup pal. There’s Mount Hollywood, where you and Fluffy can catch a view of the Hollywood sign. Or try Bronson Canyon, a roomy trail where your pup can move around griffith park dog hikefreely and take a look at the Bat Caves. There’s also Amir’s Garden, a picturesque, shady spot where you and your pup can take a breather from the uphill hike. Make a day out of exploring some of the trails Griffith Park has to offer you and your pooch!
  5. The Wisdom Tree and Cahuenga Peak
    With a steep path and rugged terrain, this hike is for a team ready to take on a challenge. cahuenga peak dog hikeYou’ll get a view of the Hollywood sign at the top, but the real feature of this hike is the “Wisdom Tree” sitting atop the peak, which was the only tree to survive the Hollywood Hills fire of 2007. Watch out for other four-legged friends as the climb upwards gets more narrow.
  6. Elysian Park
    Looking for a leisurely hike on a low-key trail? Elysian Park might be just the place for you and your pup. The hidden spot close to elysian park dog hikedowntown has lots of grassy areas to play in and is not as crowded as other popular hiking spots in the area. It’s a great place for some light exercise and beautiful views out of the beaming Los Angeles sun!
  7. Zuma Ridge Trail
    This Malibu trail is not for beginners, but its views are rewarding for whoever seeks to take on the challenge. zuma ridge dog hikeDogs are allowed off-leash at this beachside park, where you’ll catch breathtaking views of the Pacific.
  8. Westridge Trail to San Vicente Mountain
    Hike part or all of a 7.4-mile round trip hike up a scenic ridge in Brentwood that leads to a summit park built at an old Nike Missile site. Westridge Trail leads to San Vicente Mountain and is a popular path for mountain bikers, trail runners, and dog walkers (dogs are permitted off-leash under their owner’s supervision).
  9. Upper Canyonback Trail
    Hike 3 miles round trip from Mulholland Drive down another ridge near San Vicente Mountain. Canyonback Ridge is popular with joggers and mountain bikers, and as many dogs enjoying the trail as there are humans. Dogs are allowed to be off-leash under direct supervision. No fee or permit is required, so get out and enjoy.