What Are The Cutest Puppy Names?

We probably don’t have to tell you that puppies are amazing. In fact, we think the only thing that rivals the experience of adding a puppy to your family is naming that adorable ball of fluff. 

For some owners, the cutest puppy name has everything to do with the puppy’s breed. Something about a Shih-Tzu just screams Odi, and there has never been a better name for a Scottish Terrier than Fergus.  

At PuppySpot, we think the inspiration for a cute puppy name can come from anywhere; books, movies, food, celebrities, nothing is off limits.   

We searched around for the cutest puppy names we could find, and wouldn’t you know it! We didn’t have to look far. 

1. Cute Food & Drink Puppy Names

Puppy name inspiration can come from anywhere, even your favorite candy.

Humans love food almost as much as they love their puppies. So we think it makes perfect sense to name your new best friend after your favorite foods.  

We know more than a few foodie puppies whose personalities are as delicious as their namesake.  

Are you a fan of chocolate, cookies, and candy? Of course, you are. We suggest:  





Maybe you’re a fan of fried food and classic drinks. Then these boozy names might be just right for your floppy puppy.  



Tater Tot 

2. Celebrity/Famous Puppy Names

It is very hip these days to name your puppy after a celebrity. But have you ever thought of combining two cute puppy names into one celebrity name? We certainly did, and the results are as hilarious as they are cute.  

Joe & Rogan 

Harrison & Ford 

Jimmy & Carter  

For more inspiration click here, because the only thing greater than one puppy is two puppies and a celebrity pun. 

3. Classic & Traditional Puppy Names

Classic and traditional puppy names are always a good choice.

The best classic and traditional puppy names describe a puppy’s, temperament or unique physical characteristic.   

These classic names are the perfect choice for puppy owners with some traditional flair.   






Don’t forget. The best classic and traditional puppy names are descriptive and just a little bit clever. 

4. Elderly Names For Puppies

Does your new pup seem wise beyond its years? Then perhaps an older name like these will bestow a puppy with some class and sophistication.    






Not to mention The contrast between an “elderly” name, and a brand new puppy is hilariously adorable.  

5. Western & Country Puppy Names 

Western Puppy
Love country music or culture? Pick a name that has cowboy-flair!

Have a flair for all things Western? Country & Western puppy names bring to mind images of a country lifestyle, front porches and big open yards for puppies to romp and play.    

Whether your puppy barks with a western twang or a southern drawl these names are as adorable as they are country.  




6. Seasonal Puppy Names

Holiday Puppy
The holidays are a great source for puppy naming. Then you and your puppy will forever be in the holiday spirit!

Christmas puppy is the best Christmas present in the world. We know because we asked Santa and the big man doesn’t lie.   

He also told us all of the best seasonal puppy names, including:  





7. Puppy Names Based On Literature

Are you an avid reader? The perfect puppy name can come from a favorite book.

Puppies make great bookworms. Puppies can’t read, but that doesn’t stop them from cuddling up while you read your favorite book.  




Captain Hook 

Romeo & Juliet  

The best literature dog names reflect your interests in literary genre, authors or your favorite books and characters.   

You’ll know if you picked a great literature puppy name if others get the reference.  

8. TV & Movie Character Puppy Names 

Will & Grace
Are you a TV or movie aficionado? Character names are great choices for naming a puppy.

Puppy names plucked from the TV and silver screen are always a crowd pleaser.    

If you’re a little creative, and willing to add more than one puppy to your family, you can fill your home with the full cast from your favorite movies and shows.  

Will & Grace 

RockyApollo & Creed 

Jack & Rose

9. Music Puppy Names

Dolly Parton
Naming a puppy after a favorite musical artist can be a creative, adorable option.

“Dogs are like music, never try to explain their worth to those who cannot appreciate them.”  

Whether you name your puppy after a song or the person who wrote it, music based puppy names have a way of truly capturing a puppy’s personality.   





10. Rank and Title Puppy Names

Are you considering a K9 addition to your military family? Military ranks make phenomenal puppy names. Royal titles are great too!  



Ms. Callie 

King CandyQueenPrince & Princess 

11. Nature & Activity Related Puppy Names

Dog Running on Beach
Another source of inspiration for puppy names can come from nature or environmental surroundings.

Puppies love the outdoors. If you are searching for the cutest name for your puppy, watch how they run and play outside.   

Where do they like to run? What do they like to do? Your puppy’s favorite outdoor activity may be the perfect puppy name.  






12. Puppies Named After Places

Naming a puppy after a favorite place or location can be a great idea and conversation starter.

Traveling around the world and visiting new places is one of the most enlightening things a human being can experience.  

Those who have seen the world and been inspired by it often name their puppies after their favorite places.   





13. Mythical & Astrological Puppy Names

Are you a follower of the zodiac? Enjoy Greek mythology? Creative puppy names can come from either  of these inspirational sources.

There are thousands of fantastic names pulled from mythology and astrology. All it takes to find the right name for your puppy is a little research.   

King Arthur and the knights of the round table are mythic heroes with strong and noble names, not to mention the Wizard Merlin and the Lady Guinevere.  

MerlinArthur & Guinevere  

Irish myth is fun, quirky and often hilarious. “Cu” means dog in Irish Gaelic, and Fynn is one of Ireland’s favorite heroes.  


Leo is the lion of the sky and the proudest of the astrological signs. A perfect name for a strong, noble breed puppy.  


Hermes is the messenger of the gods. He is swifter than an arrow and faster than all of the gods of ancient Greece. His name is perfect for super fast greyhound and vizsla puppies.  


Last, but certainly never least is Thor, mightiest of the gods and cutest of puppies.   


Now that you know some stellar puppy names it’s time to name that pooch. Whichever name you choose make sure it is one that you feel comfortable repeating, and rolls off the tongue.   

You don’t want to name your dog something that isn’t easy to repeat in polite company, because the only thing harder than finding the perfect name for your puppy is getting them to answer to another.  

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