A Priceless Moment for Orange County Wish Teen

There are many Make-A-Wish children still waiting patiently to have their wishes granted. Due to the pandemic, many wishes have been put on hold. These wishes typically include traveling to Disney World, or to another country. However, hope stays strong as many life-changing wishes continue to happen. Ongoing wishes include gaming computers, campers, and, best of all, puppies!

When Make-A-Wish Orange County and the Inland Empire reached out to us, they were working on a wish for a 13-year-old. This strong teen has been in an ongoing battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer that affects the lymphatic part of the immune system. One day, she read about how friendly and cuddly Golden Retrievers can be. Since then, this has been her only wish– to have a Golden Retriever to cuddle and grow up with. Once again, PuppySpot stepped up to the plate to help make a puppy wish come true!

After much deliberation, the wish family decided on a cuddly Golden Retriever male named Blane. The wish teen was so infatuated with his beautiful dark golden color, she could not wait to meet her new best friend! So, we quickly worked with Blane’s breeder to set up a nose- to- tail health vet check with a licensed veterinarian. Once he was cleared for travel, Blane was ready to make his way to his new family!

Blane flew VIP style on a PuppySpot Air charter plane from Ohio to California. As Blane arrived safely in California, he was welcomed by PuppySpot representative Hilla Carrel. After stealing some puppy kisses and cuddles, Hilla made her way to the wish family with Blane by her side.

The wish teen was ready and waiting to meet her new best friend Blane (now Vixen). She even wore a sweater with the word “Happy” on it for the special occasion. It was immediately apparent how much of a positive impact this puppy would have on her life. Priceless moments like these are what bring hope into the lives of these children. Thank you, Make-A-Wish Orange County and the Inland Empire for trusting PuppySpot to deliver hope and happiness.