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10 Puppies Celebrate the Holiday Season

We each have our own way of celebrating the holidays. Check out how these 10 pups embrace the holiday season!

This pup is ready to devour his turkey.dog-eating-turkey-2

This Chihuahua is eyeing the last piece of pumpkin pie. Dibs!chihuaua-pumpkin-pie

This puppy thinks she’s a gift for all to behold.puppy-in-gift-box

This pup is all wrapped up the spirit of the holidays.puppy-christmas-lights

This puppy was just dropped off by Santa—and now he’s just hanging out.stocking-puppy

This dog is getting lit for the holidays.hannukah-dog

This puppy wants to know what flavor the green ornament is.puppy-eating-ornament

This pup just took a selfie with his new smartphone.jack-russel-with-iphone

This puppy is crashing after a candy cane sugar high.puppy-with-candycane

This party animal wishes you a happy New Year!new-years-dog

7 Pups Who Want to Show You Their Toys

Every pup parent knows a busy pup is not only a happy pup, but also less destructive. Not to mention, puppies happen to look “doggone” adorable with a toy in tow. So, we put together a compilation of pups playing with their favorite stuffy and chew toys for your viewing pleasure.


This pup’s lamby may be almost as big as she is, but that’s not stopping her from taking a bite out of her furry friend.




wooden-toy-thumbnailThis puppy is into the simpler things in life, like a wooden toy train.





whale-thumbnailThis white ball of floof is ready for you to reach for her whale, but at the last second she’ll scoop it up and run away.




loot-thumbnailOkay, this is more of a treat than a toy, but this puppy is still proud to show off his loot.





foxy-thumbnailThis pup is feeling foxy and isn’t afraid to show it.





mickey-thumbnailThis pup just got back from Disneyland and won’t put down his new friend Mickey.





toys-thumbnailThis little guy has all the toys and refuses to share any of them with you.