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10 Puppies Celebrate the Holiday Season

We each have our own way of celebrating the holidays. Check out how these 10 pups embrace the holiday season!

This pup is ready to devour his turkey.dog-eating-turkey-2

This Chihuahua is eyeing the last piece of pumpkin pie. Dibs!chihuaua-pumpkin-pie

This puppy thinks she’s a gift for all to behold.puppy-in-gift-box

This pup is all wrapped up the spirit of the holidays.puppy-christmas-lights

This puppy was just dropped off by Santa—and now he’s just hanging out.stocking-puppy

This dog is getting lit for the holidays.hannukah-dog

This puppy wants to know what flavor the green ornament is.puppy-eating-ornament

This pup just took a selfie with his new smartphone.jack-russel-with-iphone

This puppy is crashing after a candy cane sugar high.puppy-with-candycane

This party animal wishes you a happy New Year!new-years-dog

5 Holiday Gifts for Fido

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner! This year, why not stuff Santa’s stockings with your favorite furry friends in mind? Whether looking for a gift for a friend’s dog or your own precious pup, here are 5 gifts that will be sure to fill any dog with holiday cheer!

1. Festive Sweater

Image from puppykisses.com
Source: puppykisses.com

What better way to show your holiday spirit than with a festive “ugly Christmas sweater?” With a sweater like this, your pooch will fit right in with the family while also staying warm and cozy. This makes an especially great gift for more cold-prone pups like Chihuahuas, Greyhounds and Doberman Pinschers. This page has lots of cute sweater options to choose from.

2. Christmas Collar

Image from puppykisses.com
Source: puppykisses.com                                                                     

If sweaters aren’t your thing, a statement collar is a quick and easy way for your pup to celebrate the holidays in style. Go all out with a colorful, ruffled collar, or keep it simple with a basic red or green piece. You can even buy one that lights up!

3. Sweet Treats

Image from drsfostersmith.com
Source: drsfostersmith.com                                                 

For those of us who favor gifts of the edible variety, there are plenty of holiday-themed dog treats out there that will have your pup howling with gratitude.

4. Spirited Toy

Image from puppykisses.com
Source: puppykisses.com                                             

Other than food, it’s no surprise that playtime will be one of your pup’s favorite gifts. Put him in the spirit with a squeaky reindeer , snowman plush or stuffed dreidel toy , like the one above.

5. Get Personal

Image from personalizationmall.com
Source: personalizationmall.com                            

If your dog loves to claim what’s his, a custom gift with his name on it might be just what he needs. Get him a personalized food bowl, decked-out dog tag or custom bedding to show him how much you care. Find more examples of custom gifts to spoil your furry friend with here.