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      What is medical insurance for pets?

      We understand that your puppy is more than just your pet— your puppy is your constant companion and your best friend. Part of giving them the best possible life is preparing for their expenses, like food, toys, and training. But unfortunately, the unexpected can happen. Medical insurance for your puppy can bring peace of mind and can help you budget for unforeseen costs. A policy designed to cover them for life—even if they get sick or injured—will help you plan for great veterinary care from day one.

      Though often healthy, puppies can still be susceptible to illness and injury. They could eat something they shouldn’t or injure themselves during an enthusiastic play session. The resulting treatments can range from $400 to $1,700 according to claim data from Trupanion medical insurance for pets.

      We encourage you to do some research and find the medical insurance policy that is right for you and your pet. Visit Trupanion for a special medical insurance offer for your new puppy.