Afghan Hound Characteristics

      57-75 lbs
      Fine, thick, and silky.

      About Afghan Hounds

      The Afghan Hound is one of the ancient dog breeds - so ancient that many believe the Afghan was the dog rescued on Noah's Ark. Known for their elegant beauty, the Afghan Hound has two distinctive features: a thick coat that served to protect it from harsh climates in the mountains of Afghanistan where it originated and a unique tail that curls to a point at the end. These agile, athletic dogs have devoted, pleasant personalities and do well with children and plenty of room to run.

      Did You Know?

      The first dog to be cloned was an Afghan Hound named "Snuppy" in 2005.

      Origin of the Afghan Hound

      The ancient Afghan is thought to have originated in the Middle East, making its way to Afganistan through Persia.

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