Cane Corso Lyra 742954

Puppy ID#742954

BirthdayJuly 31, 2023

Mom's Weight95 - 100 lbs

Dad's Weight95 - 100 lbs

AvailableSeptember 26, 2023


Registry AKC

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About Lyra

Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love. And that is exactly what I’m here to do for you! Each dog expands the heart of their human, and I don’t know if I will be the first dog to take a part of your heart, but I know that I will be giving you all of mine. I have some other lessons to teach you since we dogs are so good at this love thing. Wear your heart on your sleeve, never willingly cause pain, never let a good friend cry alone, make love not war, never judge, be amazing caregivers, and choose love every time. All you need is love...and a dog, me!

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Fast Facts

  • Energy Moderate
  • Size Large
  • Trainability Responsive
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