Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Fast Facts

  • Energy Moderate
  • Size Medium
  • Trainability Determined
  • Overview

  • Smart, affectionate and a masterpiece of canine breeding, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a dog that needs no introduction. These compact little cattle herders are courageous, congenial, adorably charming.  


    The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is similar to the Cardigan Welsh Corgi in all ways but its tail - Cardigans have one, Cardigans do not.  Cardigan Corgis are also slightly larger than their cousins, with more rounded ears. They are also shown in a wider variety of colors.

    Cardigan Welsh Corgis are loving, good-natured, and active. There is a lot of energy and stamina packed into these little dogs. Believe it or not, Corgis are tireless athletes who require plenty of exercise, activity and mental stimulation to ward of boredom and destructive behavior.

    Corgis are watchful by nature and likely to bark at strangers and animals who encroach on their territory. They are easy to groom, easy to care for and even easier to love. If you’re looking for a sweet-faced, fun-loving companions, Cardigan Welsh Corgi is the puppy for you.

  • Breed Characteristics

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Elisabeth M.


Cardigan Welsh Corgi

We had been wanting a corgi puppy for a long time but when we were ready to have a dog, no local breeders had litters available. Enter puppyspot. We love our little guy who arrived in perfect health. There were some bumps in the road getting him here due to the pandemic but puppyspot was committed to constant process improvement. If you are looking for a specific breed of dog and have a specific timeline for getting a puppy, I recommend this service.

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