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Quick facts

Lifespan10-15 Years
TemperamentPlayful, Confident, Energetic
Shedding AmountHigh
Breed GroupN/A

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Personality & Training

Tendency to Bark




Physical Characteristics

Average Height

Females: 7 in
Males: 9 in

Average Weight

Females: 10 lbs
Males: 14 lbs

Grooming Requirements

Brush Daily, Bathe as Needed, Trim Occasionally

Drool Amount


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About chorkies

Chorkie is a crossbreed between the Yorkshire Terrier and the Chihuahua, and it was initially bred in the early 1990s. Just like the other mix-breeds, Chorkie’s temperament can uniquely assimilate to its parent’s characteristics.


Chorkie has a high energy level, so they require lots of daily exercise and playtime. This breed is intelligent, confident, self-assured, and highly trainable, but can also be stubborn and might refuse to follow the rules, even from his puppyhood. Keeping this breed can turn into a nightmare if you don’t give him proper leadership. Such as Chihuahuas, Chorkies may often feel to bark and alert their pet-parents if they suspect anything unusual. This dog is a good choice for singles or families with older children. The size of the Chorkie is about 6 to 9 inches, and its weight is about 8-10 pounds.