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Female • 92 weeks


Puppy ID #618881

DOB September 14, 2019

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Color Black, White & Tan

Mom's Weight 50 - 55 lbs

Dad's Weight 45 - 50 lbs

Registry CKC

Variety Rough-coated

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About Raquel

Raquel enjoys leisurely strolls, lazing on the sofa, and a romp around the backyard. She likes to meet new people, and loves to be admired. Her fur is the softest imaginable, with lustrous reddish highlights in her ebony fur. People will stop you on the street when you go out with Raquel, as she will remind them so much of "Lassie"! And like, "Lassie", Raquel is super smart and learns tricks easily. Just give her a treat and see how fast she learns to perform!

About Collies

The Collie was developed centuries ago to be a herder, watchdog, and companion. Made famous by “Lassie,” a fictional Collie popular in the 1950s, this breed is well-loved as both a working dog and as a pet. Collies come in two varieties – rough coat and smooth coat – but are recognized by their distinctive flopped-over ears, thick hair and long face. These proud dogs are friendly, excellent with children, and are very intelligent and trainable. Read More

Fast Facts

  • Energy Moderate
  • Size Large
  • Trainability Responsive


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