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About Dandie Dinmonts

Dandie Dinmont Terriers were originally bred in the early 1700s, and some people think this sort of terriers is a crossbreed between Otterhounds and some local terriers in the Border Country between England and Scotland. This breed is a typical terrier; he is independent-minded, affectionate, bold, and intelligent. They are reserved dogs, but they are not barkers, not like other kinds of terriers. They bark very loudly and in a deep voice only when it’s necessary. Just like any other dog, Dandies are also in the need for early training and socialization. Taking them to a puppy playtime or puppy class is a great start. This breed usually gets along well with young children and also with other pets if they are trained properly since their puppyhood. However, you should supervise your young children when they are playing with the dog in order to avoid any accidental bite. Dandie Dinmont has a moderate energy level; he needs daily walks and exercises. The size of the Dandie is about 8 to 11 inches, and its weight varies between 18 and 24 pounds.
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