Fast Facts

  • Energy Moderate
  • Size Large
  • Trainability Accommodating
  • Overview

  • This breed is well-known as the world’s fastest couch potato. Greyhounds are very calm, gentle, quiet, and well-mannered among the different sorts of dogs, and they are great for families who have small children. This breed fits in almost every environment from a condo to a country home. They are usually fine with other dogs and house pets, but they can become anxious easily if they are separated from their pet parents. They have a low energy level; they are very happy when walking on a leash, but be aware that Greyhounds are sprinter dogs, so give them a chance to run in some safe surroundings. Their average weight is 60 to 70 pounds, and their size is about 24 to 27 inches.

  • Breed Characteristics

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