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Irish Wolfoodle

Male • 7 weeks


Puppy ID #683326

DOB June 5, 2021

Available August 4, 2021

Color Blue Merle

Mom's Weight 100 - 110 lbs

Dad's Weight 10 - 12 lbs

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About Elton

Elton is a male Mini Irish Wolfadoodle. His father is a Miniature Poodle and his mother is an Irish Wolfhound. He will come vet checked and up to date on vaccinations before coming home. Elton has silver boots instead of white tipped toes. He is average size, and is a Momma's boy. He loves to wag his little butt and tail, and always seems to be happy! He loves to roll on his back for belly scratches! If you're interested in Elton, give us a call today!

About Irish Wolfoodles

The Irish Wolfoodle, also known as a Wolfadoodle, comes from crossbreeding the Irish Wolfhound and the Poodle. The Standard Poodle is typically used when breeding this combination, but the Miniature or Toy variety can be used as well. This hybrid is known for being good natured, loyal, patient, and clever. Their easygoing and gentle personality comes from the Irish Wolfhound, while their quick-wit and trainability comes from their Poodle parentage. The Irish Wolfoodle makes for a great companion because they bond quickly to their family. Due to their size and their sometimes stubborn personality, they often do better in a home with an experienced dog owner and children that can handle a large dog. The Irish Wolfoodle’s size can be intimidating to strangers, so it is important to socialize them from a young age with people and other pets outside of the household. They often inherit a nice balance of laid back and energetic traits from both parents. They require a moderate amount of exercise to keep them both mentally and physically stimulated. If you are looking to add a gentle giant to your family, the Irish Wolfoodle could be the right fit.

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Fast Facts

  • Energy Moderate
  • Size Large
  • Trainability Determined


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