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About Sarah

Sarah is a roly-poly bundle of love! She is bright and playful. However, she still loves to be held and rocked like a baby. She plays well with her siblings and has a healthy appetite. Sarah's mom and dad have both undergone OFA hip and elbow x-rays and an OFA patella exam. Her mom has also had a cardiac exam and was issued a certificate from OFA stating she has no sign of congenital cardiac issues. In addition, both mom and dad have been cleared for DNA disease traits prevalent in the breed. Sarah's dad is a hunting Poodle. Her mom has a sister working as a narcotics detection K9 and also has several siblings working as service dogs. Although Sarah does not have any "show champions" in her pedigree, her pedigree is full of performance titled dogs! Sarah will be vet checked from head to tail and will be up to date on vaccinations when you welcome her home. You just can't go wrong with a smart pup like Sarah!

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Female • 35 weeks
Puppy ID
September 14, 2019
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Mom's Weight
70 - 75 lbs
Dad's Weight
65 - 70 lbs
Not registered
Standard F1

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About Labradoodles

One of the more popular breeds in the country, Labradoodles are a mix of the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle. They were created in Australia in the late 1980s to combine the outgoing, happy personality of a Lab and the non-shedding coat of a Poodle. Given they are a mixed breed, their coats can vary greatly, but they are often considered to be a good choice for those with allergies because they tend to shed less than other breeds. Labradoodles are active, intelligent dogs that love to exercise. They are easy to train and are excellent with children. Read More

Fast Facts

  • Energy Moderate
  • Size Medium
  • Trainability Responsive

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