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Female • 7 weeks


Puppy ID #679236

DOB May 2, 2021

Available June 27, 2021

Color Black

Mom's Weight 50 - 55 lbs

Dad's Weight 60 - 65 lbs

Registry CKC

Variety Standard Multi-generation

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About Moana

Hi, I'm Moana! I have a rich black coat that is so soft and silky smooth. I am sweet, meek, and gentle. Most often you will find me cuddled up in my fluffy little bed waiting for a little tender loving care. Let me tell you a little about my great parents. My mom is a Sable Labradoodle who is very loving and obedient and my dad is a Blue Labradoodle who is a pleaser and likes to have fun. So because of my great line I am allergy friendly. I am so excited to find my new family that I can enjoy my time cuddling up with them!

About Labradoodles

One of the more popular breeds in the country, Labradoodles are a mix of the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle. They were created in Australia in the late 1980s to combine the outgoing, happy personality of a Lab and the non-shedding coat of a Poodle. Given they are a mixed breed, their coats can vary greatly, but they are often considered to be a good choice for those with allergies because they tend to shed less than other breeds. Labradoodles are active, intelligent dogs that love to exercise. They are easy to train and are excellent with children.

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Fast Facts

  • Energy Moderate
  • Size Medium
  • Trainability Responsive


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Dion B.



I don’t know where to begin! Gordy has been a blessing to our family. He’s been sleeping all through the night since the third day of being with us. He’s extremely healthy and animated!

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