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        1-100 lbs

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      Special Travel Accommodations

      Lhasapoos are amazing dogs and have special travel requirements. Our dedicated travel team will work with both you and your puppy's breeder to schedule the best accommodations for your puppy's needs.

      About Lhasapoos

      This breed’s origin has been long-lost; his ancient breed was bred and revered in the villages and monasteries of Tibet. Lhasapoo tends to be a lapdog as he happily naps next to his pet parent; however, he has a tough character. He is independent, stubborn, and bold. They make a wonderful family dog if there are no young children because Lhasapoo needs respect. This breed gets bored easily, so you can expect loud barking and deep digging levels when they are bored or not trained well. This small-sized active breed needs daily physical and mental exercises with numerous walks and plays. The average weight is 13 to 15 pounds, and the size is about 10 inches.

      Did you know

      Did You Know?

      While Mastiffs were used as guards outside dwellings in Tibet, Lhasas were indoor guards.


      Dating back to as early as 800 B.C., this ancient dog comes from the holy city of Lhasa, Tibet, as and was bred for thousands of years as an aide to the nobility.