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Male • 11 weeks


Puppy ID #680753

DOB May 10, 2021

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Color Gray & White

Mom's Weight 35 - 40 lbs

Dad's Weight 6 - 7 lbs

Registry ICA

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About Mick

Mick is a very sweet puppy, who loves running and playing as much as he loves being cuddled. He is very outgoing and social, and loves meeting new people. Mick is very accommodating and doesn't mind being held or carried. His mother is a Husky and his father is a Pomeranian. Don’t miss your chance to add this loving pup to your family! Mick can't wait to meet you!

About Pomskies

This Pomeranian – Siberian Husky cross has grown rapidly in popularity over recent years. Usually active and energetic, this breed tends to be highly intelligent, loving, playful and self-assured. Pomskies can also make great guard dogs, like both of their parent breeds. The appearance and size of a Pomsky can vary greatly, but very often they look like miniature huskies.

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Fast Facts

  • Energy Moderate
  • Size Medium
  • Trainability Determined


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Kristin G.



We absolutely love our puppy. The service we received from PuppySpot was wonderful. Our puppy was delivered directly to our house with no issues at all. He is so sweet and healthy. The cost is a bit high but worth every penny. I would buy another puppy here in a heartbeat.

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