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Female • 9 weeks


Puppy ID#732679

DOBMarch 22, 2023

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ColorBlack & Tan

Mom's Weight50 - 55 lbs

Dad's Weight7 - 8 lbs

Registry ICA

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About Dolly

Somebody loves you, and it’s this puppy right here! Don’t make her brown eyes blue by ignoring her! She’s ready for a long and lasting love, and she wants you to take her home! This puppy is exactly what you’ve been needing, and she’s right in the palm of your hand. She is very well adjusted to people and other dogs, and loves playing outside. Let’s do it right! She’s not so far away, and she’s ready to make a dream come true! You two should be together and your kisses will be the best thing in her life! Surely, your home has room for one more and her wagging tail is her new of saying “I love you”! She promises you all of this and more!

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Fast Facts

  • Energy Moderate
  • Size Medium
  • Trainability Determined
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