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Female • 6 weeks


Puppy ID#697910

DOBDecember 8, 2021

AvailableFebruary 2, 2022

ColorBrown & White

Mom's Weight35 - 40 lbs

Dad's Weight70 - 75 lbs

Registry AKC


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About Geena

I love snuggles and give the sweetest kisses. I love roaming around the office and chewing on my current human's toes too. She gets busy at her desk sometimes and forgets that I want to play! But, her cat does come and hang out with us which is super entertaining because the fluff on her tail is super fun to chase! Have you heard of the actress Geena Davis? Well, my current human named me after her. I'm stylish, have an amazing personality and stand out in a crowd. I already have my Embark health testing complete so rest assured that I won't have any long term health conditions for you to worry about. On the super fun side, my brindle coloring is really going to make me shine and everyone will remember me! I really hope you love my style and pick me to be your furever partner! I promise a lifetime of kisses and I'm pretty sure I'll be like mom and pretend I'm a lapdog even when I am grown. Hugs will be a requirement because well hugs are just amazing!

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Fast Facts

  • Energy Moderate
  • Size Medium
  • Trainability Accommodating
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by Kathleen S.


We have renamed "Alec" he knows his new name already... We call him "Hank" He has met our other dog "Stella" and they are buddies but we have to be careful with Stella because she wants to play too hard we don't want him to get hurt. I know he's just a baby but he's 22 lbs right!!! He has the sweetest personality and very playful and energetic - we let him run in a fenced area we set up for him separate from Stella for the moment. We are in LOVE with him...


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