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PuppySpot team of professionals contribute to everything Puppy. Years of puppy owning experience and know how, these authors provide details on everything from ownership to training to grooming.

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Reining in Dogs with Wanderlust

We've all seen the infamous "Lost Dog" posters from distraught owners longing to see their furry loved one again. Unfortunately, having a dog run away is a reality many dog-owners face at one point or another. But if your dog bolts from the home, then it might take some extra ...

Montco Boy Battling Retinoblastoma Meets His New Puppy

When we received the call from Make-A-Wish Philadelphia about a local boy named Zachary with Retinoblastoma, a cancer impacting his eyes, we knew PuppySpot had to help make his wish come true. We worked quickly with the Oppenheimer family to pick out an adorable Cocker Spaniel puppy who Zachary ...

Your Puppy's Development: 6-12 months

Congratulations, your puppy is now reaching adolescence! During these "teenage years" you can expect your pup to be a bit of a handful, but she'll emerge as a full-grown doggy adult before you know it and you will miss these silly puppy days. She may be a bit awkward physically ...

Your Puppy's Development: 3-6 months

Between three and six months old, your puppy is starting to find his place in the "pack" that is your family. It is important to provide leadership that establishes a healthy balance of power between you and your furry member of the family, while also making him feel loved and ...

Your Puppy's Development: 9-12 Weeks

The period between nine and twelve weeks is the time during which a puppy really hones her social skills, is open to learning and starts acting more and more like a full-fledged canine. She'll begin chasing things, and this is a prime time to begin basic obedience training. Health At ...

Your Puppy's Development: 8 Weeks

The time has finally come! After a long several weeks, your puppy has finally reached the age of homecoming and can travel to his new family if he weighs at least four pounds. This is a special time for both you and your puppy. From an owner's point of view, ...

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