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Flying with your puppy from our hub in St. Louis

Spirit of St. Louis is not a commercial airport. You will not be able to fly home with your puppy from this airport unless you have arrangements with a private plane of your own. Additionally, while flying commercially from another airport in St Louis may be possible, keep in mind ...

PuppySpot Helps Raise Funds for the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation

Every year the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation hosts a Cheers to a Cure event. The annual event, hosted in New Jersey, helps the Foundation raise funds to continue their programs and research. The event features a fun night of cocktails, amazing food, and exciting auction prizes! Funds raised at the auction contribute to their efforts to cure Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

A Puppy Wish Come True for Bronx Child

Here at PuppySpot we love spreading happiness in the form of wet nose moments. Many of those moments happen through our partnership with Make-A-Wish. In fact, over 25 puppy wishes have been granted with the Make-A-Wish Metro New York chapter. Camila’s wish marks our 28th puppy wish with this amazing chapter!

Traveling with your new Puppy

Congratulations on your new puppy! Your new puppy isn’t just entering your life; they will enter your heart and stay there permanently. For the safety and care of the puppy, we have some tips and recommendations to ensure that your travel back home is a safe and happy one. Keep ...

A Dream Come True for Michigan Child

PuppySpot and Make-A-Wish have partnered up yet again to grant a sweet puppy wish! This time we worked with Make-A-Wish Michigan to make 7-year-old Cassie’s wish come true!

Labrador Brings Hope to Child with Brain Tumor

October has been a month filled with love and lots of puppy wishes here at PuppySpot! One of those puppy wishes was for a child named Ava. We found out about Ava’s story and her wish while working with Make-A-Wish Southern Florida.

Puppy Brings Joy to Florida Wish Child

PuppySpot and Make-A-Wish Southern Florida have granted over 20 puppy wishes together! Of course when they reached out with another puppy wish request we jumped in to make it happen! This time, they were working on a wish for a 5-year-old wish child named Simon.

Barktober 2021!

We're celebrating Barktober all month. We've got costumes for ourselves and our pups, and we're ready to celebrate! At any time this month, p ost a picture of your pup on social media decked out in their Barktober best, and tag it #puppyspotbarktober. At the end of the month we'll ...

A Dream Come True for Mississppi Wish Kid

Who doesn't love a good wet nose moment? Especially when it involves a heartwarming puppy wish! A couple of weeks ago, PuppySpot had the honor of collaborating with Make-A-Wish Mississippi to help deliver happiness to a child wishing for a puppy. Piper is a tough 6-year-old who had to undergo ...

Wisconsin Wish Child Gets New Best Friend

At PuppySpot we love celebrating dogs! It’s even more exciting when the celebration involves a puppy wish granting! We recently had the honor of partnering with Make-A-Wish Wisconsin to help make a dream come true for a wish teen!

Celebrate National Dog Week with PuppySpot!

In 1928, Dog World magazine founder, Captain William Lewis Judy, established the first National Dog Week. Observed during the last full week of September, it’s focus was not only to celebrate our canine companions, but to put a spotlight on what it means to be a responsible dog owner. Captain ...

What is OFA certification?

In 1996, John M. Olin founded the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) as a private not-for-profit foundation to evaluate and determine if a dog will have problem hips. Canine Hip Dysplasia is a genetic condition that primarily affects larger breeds but can be diagnosed in a few smaller breeds as ...

A Puppy Wish Come True for Jersey Wish Child

Here at PuppySpot we love a heartwarming, wet nose moment. Especially, when it involves a Make-A-Wish chapter near and dear to our hearts. Recently, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Make-A-Wish New Jersey to help make an 11-year-old’s wish come true!

PuppySpot Wet Nose Moments August 2021

PuppySpot Wet Nose Moments for August 2021

A Goldendoodle Wish Come True for Cancer Warrior

PuppySpot and Make-A-Wish® have partnered up on many life-changing puppy wishes. Recently, we had the honor of working with Make-A-Wish® Tri- Counties to help deliver a special wish for a Goldendoodle. We were so excited to start working with the Tri-Counties chapter to get started on Jolie’s wish!

Pomeranian Puppy Brings Hope to Child Battling Leukemia

PuppySpot recently had the honor of working with Make-A-Wish Suffolk County to help grant yet another puppy wish! These wishes have such an amazing impact on the lives of these children. We are always honored to work with Make-A-Wish to make these wishes come true! This time around, we helped a 12-year-old girl unite with her new Pomeranian companion.

A Frenchie Wish Come True for Nevada Child

Here at PuppySpot we love a good wet nose moment, especially when it is with one of the wonderful Make-A-Wish chapters! Recently, we helped grant a beautiful puppy wish with Make-A-Wish Southern Nevada. When the chapter reached out, they were working on a French Bulldog wish for a brave little warrior named Isaac.

PuppySpot & Make-a-Wish Highlights July 2021

PuppySpot & Make-a-Wish Highlights July 2021

PuppySpot Wet Nose Moments July 2021

PuppySpot Wet Nose Moments for July 2021

Maltipoo Wish Come True for Miami Wish Child

Once again, PuppySpot had the honor of collaborating with Make-A-Wish Southern Florida to grant a puppy wish! Whenever the Southern Florida chapter comes to us with a puppy wish request, we are always eager to assist! This time, we helped deliver an adorable Maltipoo puppy to a 13-year-old wish teen.

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