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Top Dog Spots in Seattle

Is Seattle a dog-friendly city? You bet it is. There are so many fun dog-friendly activities in Seattle, you will run out of energy long before you run out of things to do with your dog. This dog-friendly guide to Seattle has everything you need to enjoy the Emerald City with your favorite pooch.

Why Do Virtual Dog Training?

Over the past several years, a growing number of dog owners have turned to one-on-one dog training over video chat and found it to be more convenient, and also more effective. This shift accelerated in 2020 as COVID-19 restrictions took effect and consumers began exploring digital services more broadly.

PuppySpot Wet Nose Moments April

PuppySpot wet nose moments for April 2021. Pictures shared from new owners or puppies from PuppySpot

PuppySpot’s 100th Make-A-Wish Delivery

Children battling critical illnesses need companionship. What better way to give them the loving companionship they need than with a puppy? Whenever Make-A-Wish receives these tail-wagging wish requests, they know just who to reach out to! This month marks the date of PuppySpot’s 100th Make-A-Wish delivery. We were especially honored ...

PuppySpot Delivers Hope to South Florida Wish Child

Thanks to Make-A-Wish, PuppySpot, our breeder network, many puppy wishes have been able to come true during these unprecedented times. This is the case for one South Florida wish child named Orianna. Orianna is a 6-year-old wish child who is currently going through chemo as she fights a tough battle ...

PuppySpot & Make-a-Wish Highlights April 2021

PuppySpot & Make-a-Wish Highlights April 2021

A New Best Friend for Child with Nervous System Disorder

We are almost halfway through 2021 and PuppySpot has already helped Make-A-Wish grant over 30 puppy wishes this year! That is over 30 wet nose moments shared with wish families from various chapters! Recently, we helped Make-A-Wish Central & Northern Florida with a miniature Aussiedoodle wish. It was definitely a ...

A Labradoodle Wish Come True for Florida Child

Magic always happens when the PuppySpot team partners up with Make-A-Wish Southern Florida to help grant a child's puppy wish. Now, more than ever, children battling critical illnesses have been wishing for the companionship of a four-legged friend. Whenever Make-A-Wish receives these tail-wagging wish requests, they know just who to ...

Puppy Brings Joy to Parkland Wish Teen

Here at PuppySpot, we think if you see a cute little wagging tail, it is likely to put a smile on your face! That is why we love working with various chapters of Make-A-Wish, to help put smiles on the faces of children battling critical illnesses. When Make-A-Wish Southern Florida ...

Top Dog Spots in Chicago

Dog-Friendly Guide to Chicago: Best Dog-Friendly Activities in Chicago Is Chicago a dog friendly city? Where can I take my dog in Chicago? Where are the best hot dogs in Chicago? What can I do with my dog in Chicago? One of these questions doesn’t belong in a dog-friendly guide ...

PuppySpot Wet Nose Moments March

PuppySpot Wet Nose Moments for March

10 Signs of a Healthy Puppy

Raising a puppy is both challenging and rewarding. It's a time of change where you will get used to having a young dog while it gets used to living with you. Keeping an eye on any changes that your puppy undergoes during its first year can ...

Possible Salmonella Health Risk in Midwestern Pet Foods

The FDA recently announced a voluntary recall of dog food by Midwestern Pet Foods due to a potential salmonella contamination. The recall includes a large list of brands with specific expiration dates. These brands include: CanineX Earthborn Holistic Venture, Unrefined Sportmix Wholesomes Pro Pac Pro Pac Ultimates Sportstrail Sportmix Meridian ...

PuppySpot Delivers Hope to Child with Leukemia

At PuppySpot, we love the wet nose moments and delivering joy. That is why we love working alongside various Make-A-Wish chapters to help spread happiness to children battling critical illnesses. When Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic reached out to us for a puppy wish, we were eager to assist! Puppies are an amazing source of support for a child facing any type of illness; they provide warmth, comfort, and help increase the feelings of happiness. When we heard about 13-year-old Zander who is battling leukemia, we knew we had to get our tails moving to find him a fur-ever friend!

PuppySpot Gifts Puppy to Child Battling Life Threatening Condition

The global pandemic has impacted families everywhere in indescribable ways. One organization has had to shift gears quickly to continue making magic happen. Make-A-Wish has a mission to help create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses. Due to COVID thousands of wishes have been postponed; especially travel related wishes. ...

Top Dog Spots in Los Angeles

With those numbers, a warm climate, and close proximity to outdoor adventure, Los Angeles is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country. This dog-friendly guide to Los Angeles has everything you need to enjoy Hollywood with your favorite pooch.

How PuppySpot Works

How PuppySpot Works

Service Dog 101

For those of us who require extra assistance in our daily lives, a service dog is so much more than man's best friend, they are everything you could ever need them to be.

Video About Puppy Hypoglycemia

New puppies sometimes have problems with hypoglycemia. This video explains the ins and outs of helping the puppy through times.

Video to Prepare Your Home for Your New Puppy

Preparing your home for your new puppy is a great project to the entire family. Take time to puppy proof the house, shop for those fun toys and great nutrition to start the stay off right.

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