Resource Center Dog Ownership Customer Spotlight - Brenda T. and her Chihuahua, Tyson.

Customer Spotlight - Brenda T. and her Chihuahua, Tyson.

This post is the first of its kind. We recently followed-up with a customer who welcomed their puppy home on March 23, 2022. It was a joy to hear about how the pump has impacted Brenda and her family.
Here are some highlights from our conversation with Brenda.

What kind of puppy did you get?

What did you name him?

What was life like before your puppy arrived?
Before our puppy, we were missing out on unconditional love. We're empty nesters who have kids that are married and now having children of their own. Tyson has completed our household!

What was Tyson like at first? What is he like now?
Tyson was timid at first, but now he is happy, confident, playful, cuddly and has A LOT of energy. We love him so much and we thank PuppySpot for giving us our wonderful gift. 

How has the puppy helped or improved your mood, routine, and life since arriving?
My husband travels a lot for work, so he has been my little cuddle buddy and I’m loving it.

What challenges have you had with the puppy? How did you overcome them, and how did that make you and the puppy feel?
Potty training has been a bit of a struggle, but we started using puppy pads and he’s doing very well. Now he’s going outside most of the time. Both of us are happy with the quick turnaround.

Can you tell us a bit about the bond that has developed between you and your family and your puppy?
Tyson and I have bonded amazingly over the past few weeks. We are inseparable and I/we couldn’t possibly love him any more than we do.

(end of interview)

Thank you for sharing your story Brenda!

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