Resource Center Dog Ownership Customer Spotlight - Ebony and Jade the Jack Russell Terrier

Customer Spotlight - Ebony and Jade the Jack Russell Terrier

We're thrilled to share another customer spotlight this week! We recently spoke with Ebony about her Jack Russell Terrier, Jade.

What was Jade like at first? What is she like now?
At first, she was very shy, she seem to be afraid, and detached. We are very loving very nurturing people, so she warmed up almost instantly.

What was life like before your puppy?

Life before Jade was normal, but we felt that we could bring love and joy to another life as well.

How has Jade helped or improved your mood, routine, and life since arriving? 

I would say that having Jade in our lives has definitely caused us to be more active, and more responsible. I feel that we have a baby in the house now, and we do because we adopted Jade at three months old.

What challenges have you had with the puppy? How did you overcome them, and how did that make you and the puppy feel? 

Challenges that we experience are training related. I was under the impression that having a puppy was similar to having a baby. Boy was I wrong. Having to train a puppy with a full-time job is challenging. Thankfully, I work from home and I am able to be with the puppy all day. However, getting her through her anxiety and separation issues has been tough. We are very loving, caring, and patient people, so we try our best to make her feel loved and included—but just like I am with my daughter, I don’t like to see the puppy sad or crying because she doesn’t want to be alone. I am learning that long-term, breaks from us are healthy for her so that she can get over her separation anxiety. Aside from training and detachment issues, Jade has been a joy and we cannot imagine our lives without her now.

Can you tell me a bit about the bond that has developed between you and your family and your puppy? 

Although it’s always just been me and my daughter, both of us have such an amazing, and different bond with Jade. I am the mom, and my 14 year-old daughter is Jade's play mate. 

Jade is very comfortable with us. She is definitely a family member and we love her to pieces. Our lives have definitely improved since she has come and see the picture, and even though PuppySpot is a bit on the pricey side for a puppy adoption, Jade was worth every penny.

Thanks for your time Ebony! We're so thankful you and Jade found each other.

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