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The First, and Most Important Skills to Teach Your Puppy

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How to watch the upcoming Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

While many of us have switched on our TVs and enjoyed a few minutes of a dog show, few of us actually know much about what's going on.

The Big 3: Biting, Barking, and Jumping - Video by our partners at BAXTER & Bella

Learn how to lovingly and effectively train your pup to stop biting, barking, and jumping from our partners at BAXTER & Bella . Read more about BAXTER & Bella here .

How PuppySpot Works

How PuppySpot Works

Service Dog 101

For those of us who require extra assistance in our daily lives, a service dog is so much more than man's best friend, they are everything you could ever need them to be.

Car Safety: The Right Way to Transport Your Puppy

Many puppy parents don't think twice about shuttling their new furry baby around in a car. Most of the preparation for a new puppy surrounds training, purchasing the necessary "stuff" and puppy proofing your home. But, what most don't realize is that there are strict laws around transporting your four-legged ...

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