Afghan Hound

Fast Facts

  • Energy High
  • Size Large
  • Trainability Stubborn
  • Overview

  • Distinctive, independent and noble, the Afghan Hound is one breed that needs no introduction. Popular the world over, Afghan Hounds are eye-catching to say the least. Standing nearly thirty inches tall at the shoulder and flaunting one of the most beautiful coats of any breed, Afghan Hounds appear dignified, aristocrat and supremely elegant.  

    Beneath the Afghan Hounds stunning coat is a powerful, agile hound with the grace, speed, and a keen instinct. Bred to course hare and gazelle in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan, these regal athletes have a strong instinct to run and chase. They should never be off leash when not enclosed within a fence that is at least six feet tall.  

    The Afghan Hounds coat requires a fair amount of grooming. They also need frequent exercise and activity to ward off destructive behavior. Long walks fetch and frequent trips to the park are great ways to keep them fit, happy and healthy. If you’re looking for an aristocratic companion with the heart of a sprinter, then the Afghan Hound is the puppy for you. 

  • Breed Characteristics

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