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Have you owned a puppy before?

  • Yes, I'm an experienced dog owner
  • No, this will be my first puppy!

Where will your new puppy live?

  • A cozy apartment
  • A house with a small yard
  • A house with a large yard

How big do you want your puppy to be full grown?

  • Small (up to 20 lbs.)
  • Medium (21 to 50 lbs.)
  • Large (50 lbs. and over)

Is anyone in your home allergic to pets?

  • Yes, fur and dander are a concern
  • No, bring on the fluff!
  • I'm not sure

Are you looking for a puppy that's good with children?

  • Yes, I have young children
  • No, my kids are all grown up
  • No, I don't have kids

How much puppy energy are you prepared for?

  • Low, I'm looking for a cuddle buddy
  • Moderate, I like to take walks and play with my pup
  • High, I'm active and want a running buddy

How often are you ready to hit up the groomers?

  • Weekly
  • Occasionally
  • As needed

How soon do you want to welcome home a furry family member?

  • In a month or less
  • In the next three months
  • I'm just researching