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About Pomskies

A Pomsky is a cross between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky. Pomskies are tiny dogs with big personalities. They are silly, active, and playful. They love being the center of attention and can be prone to barking. They have endless energy and need regular exercise.

They love everyone and get along with other dogs, but tend to latch on to a single person. They aren't suspicious of strangers and are gentle and outgoing.

As puppies, they tend to zoom around the house at full throttle, barking as loud as they can. Thankfully, these periods of madness can be reduced with regular exercise, training, and lots of playtime.

They may dart off in pursuit of interesting scents or movement, so fenced-in yards, leashes, and a watchful eye are recommended.

Pomskies are curious and fast learners. Like Siberian Huskies, they love to dig and howl.

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Patrick K.



My little Pomsky , Katrina is absolutely precious! She brought so much joy to our home!!

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