Maltese Puppies

Browse our nationwide selection of adorable, healthy Maltese puppies for sale. Malteses are gentle, playful, and charming small sized dogs and your perfect companion. Our rigorous breeder screening, dedicated support, and expertise in getting your puppy to you gives you peace of mind. With PuppySpot, you'll get a well-bred puppy from a trusted source. Start your journey to find your Maltese puppy today!


About Maltese

Maltese have been lap dogs to royalty for centuries. These dogs have silky hair instead of fur, making them allergy-friendly. They love to be pampered, cuddled and held and typically form strong attachments.


Maltese are gentle and affectionate and are easy to train. They aren't high energy and do well indoors or in small living spaces. They love to be at their owner's side at all times and charm everyone they meet!

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Michael M.



The process of getting a puppy was easy and streamline. Everyone was very friendly and knew the answers to the questions that I asked.

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