Newfoundland Puppies

Browse our nationwide selection of adorable, healthy Newfoundland puppies for sale. Newfoundlands are affectionate, calm, and loyal large sized dogs and your perfect companion. Our rigorous breeder screening, dedicated support, and expertise in getting your puppy to you gives you peace of mind. With PuppySpot, you'll get a well-bred puppy from a trusted source. Start your journey to find your Newfoundland puppy today!


About Newfoundlands

This distinctive dog is named after the Canadian province it originated in. Affectionately called “Newfies,” these dogs are known for their wonderful patience and gentleness with children.

They are highly trainable and learn quickly. Newfoundlands are built to withstand icy temperatures. Their webbed feet, thick, water-proof hair and incredible strength give them their well-known bear-like look.

The Newfoundland is most often solid black in color, although coloring can vary. Newfies are gentle-natured and devoted pets and do best in larger living spaces as a result of their impressive size.

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From start to finish Puppy spot was fantastic. They even called me after Faith’s first vet check . I just wish I had more of her breeders information. & pictures of her parents.

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