Frenchton Puppies

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About Frenchtons

The Frenchton is a mix between a French Bulldog and a Boston Terrier. This breed originated in recent years in the United States. As with any mixed breed, it is not uncommon for the appearance and personality of one puppy to vary greatly from that of its littermate but, in general, Frenchtons are very friendly, loving and intelligent. They are also very laid back and have low exercise requirements, making them ideal apartment pets that can also excel in homes.

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Vanessa B.



With all the scams going around and the complications with dealing with banks and such, I must say that this experience has been so refreshing and sometimes I still think too good to be true. The new addition, our son Pluto has made our home so full of love and excitement. I'm definitely going to be suggesting Puppyspot to all my friends and family!!

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