Goldendoodle Puppies

Goldendoodles are affectionate, adorable cross breed dogs that make loyal family companions. Active and intelligent, they play well with children and enjoy regular time outdoors. Goldendoodles are easy to train, making them an excellent choice for first-time dog owners. You can find Goldendoodles, both large and small, and they thrive in a city or country setting.
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About Goldendoodles

Goldendoodles are consistently among the most popular breeds in the United States! Only about two decades old, this breed is a mix of two other top breeds - the Golden Retriever and the Poodle - and comes in many different colors and sizes. Goldendoodles have the intelligence of a Poodle and the loveable, playful personality of a Golden Retriever. They are sometimes considered hypoallergenic because they often don't shed much (or at all), but because they are a mix of two breeds, their coats can vary greatly. Goldendoodles are very trainable, and make wonderful, devoted family pets.

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Heather B.



Our puppy Nala arrived last week. She is so sweet, healthy, and arrived almost all the way potty trained! PuppySpot did everything as promised-she arrived exactly on time (2 weeks after the purchase/adoption date). The delivery people were great and even arrived a little early. The breeders gave a helpful write up and provided a blanket with her mom/littermates scent. We’re so happy with our new pup!

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