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About American Corgis

The American Corgi is a cross between the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Sometimes referred to as the Pembroke Cardigan Corgi or a Welch Cardigan Corgi, this hybrid will have a temperament which reflects the similarity of the two parent breeds. Since both breeds have a close resemblance to each other, they will likely have a body which is longer than it is tall and with short legs. They can be stocky and carry a long tail like the Cardigan, or be smaller with a shorter tail like the Pembroke. This hybrid gets along well with kids, cats, and other animals when properly socialized. They require an adequate amount exercise on a daily basis and mental stimulation to prevent boredom.

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Paula S.


American Corgi

Puppy Spot was great. The people were very friendly, the follow through and the services provided were all excellent. I only had 2 major concerns: 1. We were told our pup came with a guarantee of health. Once we got our pup it turns out in order to receive this guarantee we had to apply for pet insurance through a provider associated with Puppy Spot at $70 a month. Not cool! 2. We were never asked anything about our home situation. No one asked if our home was adequate for a new puppy, wha...

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