We Deliver Joy

Our puppies are delivered by people who love your puppy as much as you do. At PuppySpot, we understand traveling can be scary for first-timers, whether they walk on two legs or four. Our dedicated team and travel partners always put the health and wellbeing of your puppy first, making sure he or she arrives safely, and as quickly as possible. When making travel arrangements, we always choose what is safest and most comfortable for your puppy.

PuppySpot oversees various trusted, USDA-certified transportation options.

PuppySpot oversees various trusted, USDA-certified transportation options.

Whether your puppy travels on a commercial airline, in cabin with one of our trained Chaperones, or along one of our select ground routes, all of our puppies travel under USDA-guidelines for proper animal care, and according to PuppySpot time limits.

Simply put, each travel option is designed to put the health and welfare of your puppy first. If you wish to pick up your new puppy yourself, we can provide advice on how best to do that.

Our transportation options ensure the health, comfort, quality, and communication from the breeder’s doorstep to that first wet-nose moment.

Here are the different ways to get your puppy home:

Breeder Meet Up

Meet the breeder and your puppy at a location near the kennel. (Not available on all Puppies)

This option is $287, which includes:

  • In person meet up with the breeder
  • Your puppy's health certificate

Please remember to bring:

  • A travel carrier, leash and collar
  • Food, water, and Nutri-Cal
  • Cleaning supplies and a toy from your PupPack

If you are flying to meet your puppy, please coordinate with your airline to determine their specific requirements for transporting your new puppy back home. If you are driving, you can click here for more info on traveling with your puppy.    

If you are interested in a pickup, please check with a PuppySpot pack member to see if this is an option. 

Deliver Near Your Home

PuppySpot works with trusted licensed professionals in the commercial air and ground transportation puppy travel business to get your puppy to an airport or one of our pickup locations as close to your home as possible.  Once you’ve completed payment for your puppy, our  team will get to work determining the best possible way to travel your puppy from where they live to where you live.  Keep in mind that both air and ground travel can be limited  by many factors beyond weather, so we all need to be flexible with dates and times of your puppy’s arrival.

This package is $711, which includes: 

  • Delivery 
  • Your puppy’s health certificate 

Weather, Heat, and Travel Information

We try to get all our puppies home within 2-3 weeks. To do so, the puppy will need to meet age, weight and health requirements before being authorized to travel. The Travel team will then choose the best travel method for each puppy and customer based on many factors, including breeder and customer location, puppy age, and size. As soon as we know the best way to get your puppy home, you will be the first to know.

Read more about how puppies travel on commercial airlines here.

Puppy Chaperone

A Puppy Chaperone brings your puppy to an airport near you. A Puppy Chaperone is a human companion who accompanies your puppy in the cabin of the plane. The Puppy Chaperone will personally greet you at the airport to deliver your healthy puppy directly to you. Keep in mind that air travel can be limited due to weather anywhere along your puppy’s route, so we all need to be flexible with dates and times of arrival. 

This package is $1,983, which includes:

  • Puppy Chaperone travel cost
  • Your puppy's health certificate
  • Travel carrier