Rottweiler Puppies

The Rottweiler breed is a popular family guardian and friend. Pet parents with an active lifestyle will find a faithful, loving, and intelligent friend for life with a Rottweiler. Novice pet parents should beware, however, as these dogs are strong and intense and require focused care and obedience training while young.

About Rottweilers

Rottweilers were originally bred to be hard-working, protective dogs. These powerful dogs have incredibly strong jaws and excel at police work, herding, and watch-dogging, as well as obedience. Rotties are exceptionally smart, which makes them easily trainable, and they are usually very happy, goofy dogs. They tend to be protective of their families, but make loyal and affectionate pets. Rottweilers are large dogs, weighing in on average at around 100 lbs. fully grown, and are fairly active and like to exercise.

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Arlton J.



We are very pleased with our decision to use PuppySpot to purchase our Rottweiler Jacky. The experience could not have been better and we just love our new family member. Thanks to the breeder and the entire PuppySpot team for doing what they do with such excellence. You ties with the AKC really makes the administrative part of the purchase so easy. I highly recommend anyone looking for a quality pup to consider PuppySpot!

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