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Quick facts

Rottweilers are large, active dogs who are goofy, happy, and affectionate.

Lifespan8-10 Years
TemperamentLoyal, Loving, Confident
Shedding AmountModerate
Breed GroupWorking

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Personality & Training

Tendency to Bark




Good For:
  • Kids
  • Cats
  • Other Dogs
  • Large Living Spaces
  • Watch Dog
  • Water Activities

Physical Characteristics

Average Height

Females: 24 in
Males: 26 in

Average Weight

Females: 115 lbs
Males: 90 lbs

Grooming Requirements

Bathe as Needed

Drool Amount


Black & MahoganyBlack & RustBlack & Tan
White Markings
AmericanAmerican and GermanGerman

About rottweilers

Rottweilers were originally bred to be hard-working, protective dogs. They are smart and easily trainable. They are goofy, happy dogs who are loyal and affectionate parts of the family. They are great with kids and make good family watchdogs. They tend to weigh around 100 pounds and like exercise so prefer a larger living space.

rottweiler Care

Rottweilers are a double-coated breed with dense medium-length fur. They are moderate shedders but will have a heavier shed cycle twice a year when the seasons change. Brushing a Rottweiler weekly will help reduce unwanted fur in the house.


Like many large breeds, the Rottweiler does require lots of exercise and room to move about. While it is important to provide them with an active lifestyle it is also important to keep them on a good diet. Rottweilers are often food-driven and can easily gain excess weight if not careful.


While Rottweilers are often eager to please and typically easy to train, they might not be the best choice for first-time dog owners. They're a sweet and protective breed that requires proper socialization and someone who can handle a very strong dog.

rottweilers FAQ

Rottweilers are loyal dogs that build strong bonds with their family members. They do well in a household with children who are taught to be gentle and respect boundaries.