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      German dogs, Schnauzers come in three sizes (Giant, Standard, and Miniature) and were initially bred to catch rats and other pests outdoors. Today, Schnauzers thrive on human companionship and are extremely intelligent and naturally obedient, making them easy to train. Schnauzers are proud and independent dogs, and are loving towards their owners. They make wonderful watch dogs and are highly energetic. Learn more >
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      Keith B.
      Alabama Breed: Miniature Schnauzer


      My overall experience with puppy spot was very good. My broker Deena "P". was very nice and helpful. My breeder was top notch and my schnauzer is perfect. The Puppy Spot vet Jesse "P" was also helpful. My only complaint is with my so called travel manager "Manny" who was not helpful at all. I drove to pick up my Schnauzer and had to do all the logistics with the breeder myself because Manny would not. I guess because I drove and didn't fly, I wasn't important in Manny's eyes. Other than that, I am without a doubt a happy customer with a new best friend.

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Keith - We are incredibly troubled by your feedback since it's the exact opposite of the experience we want our puppy parents to have while welcoming home a furry family member. Our team works incredibly hard to thoroughly communicate with all members of our community, which is why we were deeply troubled to receive your review. While most of our puppies travel via air transportation, if distance permits, occasionally the breeder and prospective puppy parent will meet up to pick up their new furry family member, as was the case in your situation. We can assure you that every member of our team understands the importance of our puppies traveling home safely, whether it be via airplane, ground, or meet-up. Our team worked with both you and your puppy's breeder to identify a location and time that would work with both of you. In an effort to understand where we may have failed to meet your expectations, a member of our team quickly contacted you to discuss your experience. You joined a community when your puppy arrived home and our team will continue to be here as you need us, so please never hesitate to reach out if we can be helpful in any way.

      Marie Arlene D.
      Texas Breed: Miniature Schnauzer


      Honestly, I was afraid this company might be a scam, but how wrong I was! From the very moment I submitted my request for my pup they where on it immediately and every little step throughout the buy/shipping process. Just impressive, will do it again whenever I may be in the market for a new pet.

      Peggy S.
      Idaho Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

      5 star review for PuppySpot

      I’m very happy with my process of purchasing my mini Schnauzer from PuppySpot. Everyone was very helpful, kind and knowledgeable for all questions and phone calls . I feel they are very professional and a great place to find a puppy. I received my puppy on February 15 2019. He’s such a loving little guy, loves everyone. Very well socialized , healthy and full of energy! Even after a 6 hour flight he was so laidback and happy. Had his exam at the vet and got a “healthy puppy” from my Dr.! I would recommend PuppySpot To anyone.

      Ho H.
      Ohio Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

      Miniature Schnauzer- Trey

      Excellent service and very thorough about everything . Follow through was more than I expected. Trey arrived as promised with all the paperwork and In the timely manner as promised. Only thing I was annoying was dealing with the refistration with the AKC (trying to sell me a package for $578.00,. When I told her no she kept on lowering the price 4 times. I can tell over the phone that she was not happy with me because I wouldn’t buy anything from her) PuppySpot should not tell customers that they included AKc registration and then have them call to try and upsell especially when the AKC paperwork (highest amount was $79.95 and AKC trying to sell a package for $578.00!) very deceiving , especially if you don’t plan on breeding or plannning to use the pet for show.

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Ho - Thank you for your feedback. We are proud to offer each and every new PuppySpot puppy parent complimentary AKC registration or Canine Partners Listing, along with other helpful items like enrollment in AKC reunite, lifetime access to AKC events, and more. Our partner offers several additional optional items for purchase and we apologize for any confusion surrounding the price of these options. As soon as we received your feedback, a member of our team tried reaching out to you to learn more and see how we can help. We are always here for you and happy to help, whether it's questions about our partner offerings or simply advice for training and acclimating your puppy to your home!

      Jean M.
      North Carolina Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

      A very happy puppy

      Having to been careful of not getting a pup from a puppy mill. I feel that this was the best decision. Seeing the little video of him play and alert show this was the one. He has a very happy puppy and is doing all the things puppies to go get into puppy trouble. Is a loviable in guy.

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