Portuguese Water Dog Puppies

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About Portuguese Water Dogs

The Portuguese Water Dog is a spirited working dog that loves to be in the water. Being that it was originally bred to assist fishermen at sea, the "Portie" as it is affectionately known, is an excellent swimmer and retriever. This breed made headlines in recent years as the First Dogs, Bo and Sunny, are both Portuguese Water Dogs. Porties are often confused with a similar breed, the Poodle, and like to stay active and show affection. They are loving, loyal and dependable, and make great family pets.

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Brigitte P.


Portuguese Water Dog

Puppyspot was wonderful. We are very pleased with their service. It was real time, the rep who called us, Gina, did a marvelous job of explaining the procedure and scheduling the pickup. The puppy pack of goodies was so great and welcoming. The breeder showed up at the meet and greet on schedule, had a healthy, socialized puppy to give to us, and we are so pleased with the results of our experience.

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