Chinese Crested Puppies

Browse our nationwide selection of adorable, healthy Chinese Crested puppies for sale. Chinese Cresteds are alert, affectionate, and spirited small sized dogs and your perfect companion. Our rigorous breeder screening, dedicated support, and expertise in getting your puppy to you gives you peace of mind. With PuppySpot, you'll get a well-bred puppy from a trusted source. Start your journey to find your Chinese Crested puppy today!


About Chinese Cresteds

These amusing little dogs make excellent, loyal companions. Known for their distinctive, hairless appearance, these dogs actually do come in a hairy variety as well. The geographical origins of the Chinese Crested are not certain, but it is clear that they worked as “ratters” to help eliminate vermin on ships. Chinese Crested are alert and playful, adjust well to apartment and house living, and do very well with children and families.

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