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Siberian Huskies are beautiful, medium-sized dogs that closely resemble their wolf ancestors. They are highly intelligent and energetic dogs that require regular exercise as well as frequent grooming. Due to their pack-animal nature, they are social and friendly creatures that will play with most people or animals. However, this friendly demeanor can make them lackluster watchdogs without proper training.
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About Siberian Huskies

Siberian Huskies are strong, hard-working dogs. As their name suggests, they come originally from Northeast Siberia, where they were bred to withstand extreme arctic conditions, and they came to the United States by way of Alaska in the early 1900s. Huskies are best known for their job as sled dogs, and their love to be outdoors in the cold weather. They love children and make excellent family pets. While highly intelligent, these dogs also have a mind of their own and may require some patience while training. Huskies are medium sized, and typically weigh in at around 40-50 lbs.

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Darryl B.


Siberian Husky

Exceptional experience. Everyone was great to work with. Delivery was right on time. We love our girl.

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Sirwan M.
Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
Review by Sirwan M. on 21 Jan 2019 review stating Sirwan
i’m so glad that i chose puppy spot they’re truly the best for getting my best friend from them i was very happy and pleased with their service thank you puppy spot without you guys i couldn’t find my best friend thank you again
Stephen F.
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5.0 star rating
Our experience with PuppySpot
Review by Stephen F. on 3 Oct 2018 review stating Our experience with PuppySpot
We would be hard pressed to understand how we could be more satisfied with PuppySpot. From the beginning contacts to the delivery of our puppy we were treated with professionalism and responsiveness. I have read numerous reviews on PuppySpot and noted some clients did not have good experiences. Ours was great. We purchased a puppy at 4 weeks old and had to wait a month before the puppy would be mature enough to leave its family and travel to us. PuppySpot kept us informed every week and provided helpful information on caring for and training a new puppy. When it came time for the final payment we requested a current photograph and estimated ship date. These were provided to us immediately on the same day. PuppySpot later contacted us on potentially earlier ship dates asking for our preference. Naturally, we couldn't wait to get our new puppy and at just over 8 weeks old she was shipped to us. She arrived in good health and is a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you PuppySpot.
The way this guy looks at me is probably my favorite thing about him. The fact that as I post this photo I am lying on my bed with Rogue because he has a hurt paw and we’ve been having to make him stay down and take it easy. Even though he is not stoked to have to stay in bed and take it easy most of the day I know he appreciates us trying to make him feel better. We hope he feels better soon and can get to his crazy and fun self! . . #pnwlife #pnwpups #photography #husky #fistbump #hescool #clouds
Alysa W.
Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
Puppyspot was so quick to respond to my inquiry on...
Review by Alysa W. on 26 Mar 2018 review stating Puppyspot was so quick to respond to my inquiry on...
Puppyspot was so quick to respond to my inquiry on precious, Sophie. They kept me informed every step of the way and were very professional. I will recommend Puppyspot to my family and friends in search of a new fury family member!
Tyriek D.
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5.0 star rating
It was a great experience the people were friendly...
Review by Tyriek D. on 2 May 2018 review stating It was a great experience the people were friendly...
It was a great experience the people were friendly and willing to help.
Xueyu H.
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5.0 star rating
We are so glad that we got our puppy from PuppySpo...
Review by Xueyu H. on 8 Jan 2018 review stating We are so glad that we got our puppy from PuppySpo...
We are so glad that we got our puppy from Our puppy came in with all the vaccination done for his age, and vet check. All the puppy concierges are very nice and helpful. It is amazing that they give a lot of support after you get your puppy. Our puppy is already AKC regiestered and chipped when he came. Save us a lot of time. And AKC sent helpful emails/info onr how you care about your new puppy too. Def will recommend to friends and family.
Patricia M.
Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
Only way to find your "Forever Puppy Companion"!
Review by Patricia M. on 9 Jan 2018 review stating Only way to find your "Forever Puppy Companion"!
I am already recommending your service to everyone I talk to. This is the way choosing a "forever puppy" should be! I tell them about your committment to the Puppies being healthy and all of the personal help and information and using reputable breeders...the list goes on. Will come back to you if ever another puppy is to be adopted and loved!

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