Siberian Husky

Fast Facts

  • Energy High
  • Size Medium
  • Trainability Willful
  • Overview

  • Few dog breeds are as recognizable as the Siberian Husky. Huskies are loved the world over for their loving, sociable, downright goofy personalities and, of course for their beautiful coats.

    Long before Siberian Huskies were charming their way in the hearts of families the world over, the breed was hard at work in the coldest regions in the world pulling sleds, guarding villages and hunting elk and caribou with their aboriginal owners.

    Siberian Huskies are a compact, medium-sized sled dog. They possess a thick coat, incredible endurance and are well bred to work in packs and alongside their handlers. As sled dogs, Siberian Huskies can pull light loads, and run at surprising speed over a frozen landscape.

    Huskies are friendly, loyal, energetic, and certifiably goofy according to their loving owners. Like all dogs, there’s lots to learn about the Siberian Husky.

  • Breed Characteristics

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Mark T.


Siberian Husky

Picked up Storm at airport. He was a little nervous. When I got home he snooped around awhile and he is a happy little fellow. Everyone at puppyspot was very efficient. I highly recommend them. If I ever need another puppy I will definitely go back to them.

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