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Pembroke Welsh Corgis are intelligent and active dogs originally bred to herd cattle. Known for their short stubby legs, these dogs make a great fit for any living environment. They are easy to train and are great with children. Corgis are frequent shedders and require regular grooming to keep looking their best.
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About Pembroke Welsh Corgis

One of two distinct breeds known as “Corgis,” these low-to-the-ground pups are loveable and devoted. They are the oldest breed of herding dog, used by farmers to herd cattle. This breed’s body is often twice as long as its height, but it is agile and active and requires daily exercise. Pembroke Welsh Corgis are intelligent, easily trained to do tricks, and are excellent with children and families. They thrive on human companionship and have an overwhelming desire to please their families. They usually make great guard dogs as well.

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Scott S.


Pembroke Welsh Corgi

I have to admit I was apprehensive about getting a puppy from an online dealer, but PuppySpot has been nothing but great to deal with. Their customer service was extremely friendly and helpful and answered all my questions. The shipment of our puppy was easy and the communication between me and PuppySpot was great. Make sure to download the App, it’s very helpful. The crate they shipped our puppy in was packed with a lot of newspaper shredding so that he was comfortable. They also had a water...

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Eric H.
Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
Baxter- Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Review by Eric H. on 20 Jan 2019 review stating Baxter- Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Stumbled across this site by looking for Corgis for sale. The site was great and easy to use. When coming across the corgis’ I reviewed the information and expressed interest and was reaches out by David. He was very insightful and knowledgable. He also made the process very simple and could have not asked for anything more. Very happy with the overall process and will be using this again in the future.
Joel L.
Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
Awesome Customer Service
Review by Joel L. on 17 Jan 2019 review stating Awesome Customer Service
Customer service is excellent from the time you reserve your puppy till the time you pick him up from the airport. Our puppy came in with no issues.
Esme B.
Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
Worth the money
Review by Esme B. on 2 Oct 2018 review stating Worth the money
I had already bought our puppy when I came across some negative reviews on Facebook. It scared me, but our puppy concierge Tiffany was amazing at reassuring us. She got us on a conference call with the breeder so we could ask all the questions we needed to ask. When our puppy finally arrived a couple of weeks later she was everything we wanted in a dog. She has a beautiful calm temperament and slept through the night immediately. She's brave and affectionate and has adjusted to life in NYC incredibly well. If I had one piece of feedback for the company it would be to give customers a single point of contact through the whole process. It was disorienting at times to speak to so many customer service people.
Claudia C.
Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
Highly recommend
Review by Claudia C. on 18 Sep 2018 review stating Highly recommend
I was apprehensive about purchasing a puppy on-line but Puppy Spot made the process seamless. I'd especially like to thank Tony (last name unknown) for all his assistance. He even answered my call as he was walking out the door. Pick up at the airport was nerve racking, but when Gallifrey, aka Rugger, showed up, I knew I was pleased with Puppy Spot. Additionally, I like that the breeder gave me their contact number should I have any questions.
Michael D.
Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
From start to finish everything went as smooth as ...
Review by Michael D. on 11 May 2018 review stating From start to finish everything went as smooth as ...
From start to finish everything went as smooth as possible very good experience!
Charles O.
Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
Frequent contact I received was nice. Kept us up t...
Review by Charles O. on 19 Nov 2017 review stating Frequent contact I received was nice. Kept us up t...
Frequent contact I received was nice. Kept us up to date on everything through calls and emails. Loved the tips and articles we received to get ready for his arrival. Received the best and smartest puppy we could ask for. He hasn't even pooped in the house once yet! He's such a good boy! Appreciate the fact that I was told I could call anytime for any help.
Verified Buyer
5.0 star rating
Amazing service and communication from PuppySpot! ...
Review by Kelsey on 31 Jul 2017 review stating Amazing service and communication from PuppySpot! ...
Amazing service and communication from PuppySpot! I love my puppy and can't wait to have an amazing life with her!

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