Boxer Puppies

Boxer dogs were originally bred to be medium-size guard dogs. While they may be considered "Working Dogs" by the AKC, they often find homes as loving companions and family pets. However, Boxers are notorious for their high energy levels and will require plenty of exercise and playtime to prevent acting out and escape attempts.

About Boxers

Boxers are athletic, energetic, happy dogs. Their short muzzles and large underbites, along with their proportionately long tongues, give them a distinctive appearance. Originally bred in Germany, these dogs are now hugely popular family dogs, as they adore children and other animals and love to be with their owners. Boxers are clever and quick to learn. They have a lot of energy and do best when they are given something to occupy them, whether it be obedience, agility, or any other kind of mental challenge. Boxers are medium-large dogs, typically weighing in at around 55-65 lbs.

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Ryann R.



Dash arrived to us super healthy and happy! She traveled to us from Missouri to California. Premier Pet Transport took great care of her! Dash is our fourth boxer dog from PuppySpot and we’re very pleased with the service you provide! Thank you again!

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